Welcome and Thanks to Our New Client Pawgevity™

In our business, referrals are an excellent way to meet quality clients, and our most recent referral is an excellent example.  After learning that their name was infringing on another company’s trademark, they had a unique opportunity to step back and identify a new name and brand that truly captured their mission, passion and personality.  They received a recommendation to speak to us at College Company.

After meeting with the owners and understanding their objectives, our team plunged into creating name concepts, tag lines, a new logo, website and the many other components, involved in a rebrand including branding standards which create the consistent look and feel of a company.

After a comprehensive creative process, the name was determined: Pawgevity – Food For Pets.  With this important decision made, there was much work to be done as they were fast approaching an important trade show in New York City where they would reveal their new brand, logo and look.  College Company got to work, designing and sourcing suppliers of the necessary collateral and signage (banners, displays, and printed information cards), giveaways (puppy bandanas, celebrity gift baskets, shirts and hats) and business materials (business cards, media kits, informational CD ROMS, retailer promotional kits and more) to make Pawgevity stand out from the crowd.

In addition to writing and designing press releases, retailer and customer letters, we created a look and a feel designed help to position Pawgevity as a fun, healthful, humane alternative to the traditional pet foods.

Not only does Pawgevity create a unique product, but they also do it in a conscientious manner. They manufacture and distribute fresh-frozen raw food for dogs and cats that is locally sourced from Commonwealth of Virginia farmers who meet the company’s strict expectations for organic procedures, humane practices and healthy production.  These pet foods are made from human-grade meats and vegetables in formulations designed to keep pets healthy and happy.

Visit them at www.pawgevity.com for more information about their company and products and check back soon to see their new website.

A note from the owner of Pawgevity – Food For Pets:

“When we had to make a quick turnaround major name change and rebranding, we turned to College Company and they came through with flying colors.  Not only did they meet our expectations, they exceeded them.  From the rename to the messaging to logo design to marketing tools, they did it all – from soup to nuts – with great creativity, flair, prompt turnaround, and professionalism.  They have the perfect package – a combination of artistic vision and business focus.   This is the team you want behind you if you’re striving for success.  We look forward to working with them for a long time.”

Carole King, Pawgevity™ – Food For Pets.

Thank you, Carole.  We look forward to many more successes together!

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